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    "He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened."
    - Lao Tzu -
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    "Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."
    - Ramana Maharshi -
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    "Radiate boundless love towards the entire world above, below, and across unhindered, without ill will, without enmity."
    -The Buddha-
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    "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
    - Jalaluddin Rumi -
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    "Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves."
    - Nisargadatta Maharaj -
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    Shoonya Space - A Meditation Center.
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Open WellBeing is a community driven movement started to nurture the WellBeing of humanity and world as a whole. Experiencing moment-to-moment holistic wellbeing is the fundamental need of every living being. Our key objective is making wisdom and knowledge of holistic wellbeing easily accessible to everyone.

We think that challenges like climate change, pollution and many others can not be solved by any one nation or any one community. Humanity as a whole needs to come together to work on these challenges. We need to go beyond all the bounderies which seperates us and prevents us from caring for one another. We need to open our minds, hearts and hands to create more positive, open and healthy society.


Buddhas Teachings

Making Sense of Buddhas teachings in 21st Century!

Bodhi Labs

Research lab working on identifying various initiatives, wisdoms and resources required for improving holistic wellbeing of individuals and local communities.

Silence Retreat. Happy Seekers, awesome community

Silence Retreat

Key points to keep in mind.

  • All meditations would be guided over a video recording.
  • Please maintain silence throughtout the day.
  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothes.


  • Open WellBeing is entirely run by Volunteers. Retreat is Free and Open to everyone.


  9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

  • 08.45 AM - 09.00 AM Introduction
  • 09.00 AM - 10.00 AM Video Recording of Teachings.
  • 10.00 AM - 10.15 AM Tea Break.
  • 10.15 AM - 11.15 AM Mindfullness Of Breathing Meditation.
  • 11.15 AM - 11.25 AM Relaxation Break.
  • 11.30 AM - 12.30 PM Loving Kindness Meditation.
  • 12.30 PM - 01.00 PM Gratitude and Closing Circle.
  • 01.30 PM - 02.00 PM Walking Meditation.
  • 02.00 PM - 02.30 PM Tea Break.
  • 02.30 PM - 03.30 PM Mindfullness Of Breathing Meditation.
  • 03.30 PM - 03.45 PM Relaxation Break.
  • 03.45 PM - 04.45 PM Loving Kindness Meditation.
  • 04.45 PM - 05.00 PM Gratitude and Closing Circle.

Open WellBeing philosophyTransform Oneself. Transform The World.

Exploring and identifing wisdoms required for individual's wellbeing and making them easily available to everyone.

Designing and developing easliy accessible programs for enhancing the holistic well being of individuals.

Open WellBeing is a non-profit entirely run by Passionate Volunteers who take lead in executing various initiatives under the general guidelines of Open WellBeing and its advisors. All Services offered are free . Funds are given as a gift by the community.
Decentralized and Dynamic structure. Join the Movement!

Contact us

Open WellBeing

Mobile - 9766118844